Care Guide

 At Noble & Co, we want to make sure your bracelets remain in their pristine condition as we’ve selected natural gemstones and elements from around the world. 

Our bracelets are made to last, but there are a few simple steps to help care for your jewellery.


  • Store your beaded bracelet in the luxury box we’ve sent to you
  • Avoid excessive bumps, chemical interactions, extreme temperatures and sunlight when wearing and storing your bracelet
  • Gemstones can weaken with water exposure. Avoid wearing the bracelet when swimming, in a steam/sauna environment or during bathing/showering
  • Protect the natural gemstones and charms from corrosive and damaging elements such as detergents, soaps, chlorine, oils, body lotions and perfume/cologne

When cleaning your beaded bracelet, use soft, non-abrasive micro pearl material to maintain the natural shine of the gemstone beads. Jewellery polishing cloths are recommended. Rub gently over the surface with cold water only.